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Mimoon AbuAta is a registered architect with over 12 years of experience. He studied architecture at the University of Melbourne, receiving his Bachelor of Planning and Design in 2004 and the Bachelor of Architecture with Honours in 2006. While studying in Melbourne he worked in various small and medium size offices and got to experience working in a culturally diverse environment. Prior to his University study he studied in Rupin College and received a Diploma in Architecture in 2001 and worked as a sole practitioner designing several private houses as well as working for two years at an architectural firm specializing in town planning and multi residential developments. Immediately after graduation (2006) he moved to live in Brisbane and worked in Mirvac-Design as a design architect on various residential and commercial projects, including leading developments in Australia and the Middle East. In 2007 he moved back to Israel and was offered senior architectural positions in leading firms in Tel-Aviv, such as: Peleg Kleinhause, Tehiru and Yaski Moore Sivan. Working on a diversity of public developments and private residential projects.

Mimoon AbuAta has a high customer service, having the client in the centre of every project, with a good attention to the fine details and the pursuit of perfection in every aspect of the design and building process. He has a wide and deep vision that allows him to achieve flexible designs that serve the client for the long term. This is due to the use of leading three dimensional software, high-end computers and skilled supporting staff. And most importantly, every project is modelled in all design phases to give the client a full understanding of the project, which in turn minimizes last minute site changes and save money during construction.

Further to his architectural career, he has an interest in photography, painting and carpentry.







The quality of the buildings we live in reflect the quality of their initial design. I believe that the quality of our life is therefore highly influenced by the spaces we dwell in, the air we breath and environment surrounding us. Therefore, investing in a good comprehensive design will differently affect our life and positively.


Every successful project must start with accurate and thorough working drawings, from the urban scale down to the fine construction details. I give extra care for detailing and for implementation on site, this contributes greatly for the final result and allows for smooth construction without unnecessary delays.


Architecture is at the spearhead of technology development, very often, drastic changes in our lives start in the construction area. In my office, we seek innovation and always follow what’s new in the field in order to achieve smart designs that can act as an engine for regeneration and prosperity in society. Special attention is given to environmentally friendly materials and construction methods.

  • Mimoon AbuAta

The services we provide include:
  • private houses design.
  • High-rise commercial and residential towers.
  • Health buildings and facilities.
  • Interior design and fit-outs for offices and private villas or apartments.
  • Urban design.
  • Permit documentation for new or existing building.
  • High quality computerized construction drawings.
  • Three dimensional visualization for interiors and exteriors.
  • Environmentally friendly design according world and local standards.